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Britons visiting Cyprus is on the decline.

Cyprus doesn't rely solely on tourism to fuel its economy. In fact only about 11 percent of the country's revenue comes from tourism. About 2 million people visit Cyprus annually.
Year-to-Year Comparison

January and February saw a combined 11.1 percent drop in tourism and 14.2 percent drop in arrivals to the island. Britain is the main tourism market for Cyprus. The first half of 2009 is seeing a fall in British visitors of about 20 to 30 percent.

Monetary Issues

Some say monetary exchange rates are the principle cause of the reduction of visitors from Britain. It certainly can't be blamed on the glorious Cyprus weather - the current exchange rate from euro to sterling is lower than it was in 2008. This puts a strain on the wallets of vacationers going from Europe to Cyprus.

Most travelers look for low rates and great deals on travel packages. More than 50 percent of European vacationers choose to spend their vacation time in more traditional spots. Either way, money-aware travelers are looking for the best value for their money.

Only about 25 percent of European vacationers prefer to visit less-known places. They prefer vacation destinations that are more quiet and remote. Some are in search of quiet, outdoor activities while others simply like to visit alternative locations from year to year.

A surprising number of people chose to stay home during this vacation season. Three percent of those polled said they could not vacation this year without going in debt. The world-wide economic issues have caused many well-known vacation destinations to become less crowded during the 2009 season. Most residents of Greece chose to vacation within the country this year instead of traveling abroad.

Some very inexpensive vacation destinations include South America, Hungary, Morocco and Thailand. Tourists who are watching their spending this holiday season may find a new and exciting destination at a fraction of the cost of their usual yearly vacation. Look for combination deals that include discounted air fare, rental car and hotel accommodations.

Most Popular Vacation Destinations

Most Europeans say they plan to travel to Spain, Italy or France this year. Some of the most popular destinations are the Balearic Islands, Rome, London and Paris. The United States, Turkey and Croatia are also popular destinations for Europeans this year.

The Balearic Islands are comprised of a group of 5 islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The primary languages spoken are Spanish and Catalan but many natives have learned English to accommodate English-speaking visitors. The Balearics are well known as both a party and family destination. Crystal blue waters and sandy beaches await visitors to the islands.

Though fewer people are visiting Cyprus this year, next year may prove to be a different story. The economy is starting a slow climb upward and people are learning to save for things they enjoy. Tourism in 2010 will likely see tourists and international travelers going back to their favorite destinations, including Cyprus the holiday island.

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